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Vladimir Ribatchok

Vladimir is a signature member of Oil Painters of America, with paintings exhibited in European, North American, and Russian museums. He has been a full-time professional artist for over 40 years and with experience in multiple media and styles. His lifelong passion for art has led to many accolades and awards. Now based in Canada, Vladimir remains inspired by romanticism and the beauty of the Canadian landscape.

As a young boy, Vladimir fell in love with his surroundings and was often found roaming the vast expanses of fields and forests near his home. This, combined with an eye for creativity and drawing skills, was the beginning of his artist career. He was placed at the School of Creative Youth and spent his days painting in the studio. Under the teaching of Mikhail Telbizov, Vladimir began to realize his true passion and calling for art.

Vladimir Ribatchok

This passion later led Vladimir to obtain degrees in Fine Arts at the College of Arts in Krasnodar. Later he continued to perfect his art in Leningrad as a student of Yury Scorikov, an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and a professor at the Repin Art Academy. Drawing inspiration from classical masterpieces as well as the oriental romanticism of the Caucasus, Vladimir developed his own style and techniques during his travels to concealed villages in the mountains where he created plein air paintings of people, horses, and landscapes. His teaching approach reflects his own learning experience - it emphasizes inspiration, personal development and discovery of one's own talent over standardized learning.

It wasn’t long before Vladimir began to be recognized by leading organizations in the professional art community, including many notable associations. In 1992, he became a member of the prestigious artist organization, the USSR Union or Artists. In 1993, he became a member of the Russian Museums Association. In recognition of his outstanding accomplishments in representational oil paintings, Vladimir has been awarded the status of Signature Member of Oil Painters of America in 2012.

Canadian landscapes further nourished Vladimir’s love and appreciation for nature. He studied this change in landscape, immersing himself and painting en plein air. Vladimir believes that painting also means ‘poetic’ rendering of his subject. His works both express and evoke a multitude of emotions.

Vladimir Ribatchok

In his paintings, glace and transparent layers harmonize together with a bold, confident brush strokes.

Vladimir's work can be found in permanent museum collections in Russia, Finland, Switzerland, and France, as well as in private and public collections in Canada, USA, France, Germany, Australia, Finland, and Sweden. For a complete gallery of Vladimir Ribatchok's works, please visit In Toronto, Vladimir is represented by the Westmount Gallery.

Vladimir Ribatchok Vladimir Ribatchok Vladimir Ribatchok

Westmount Gallery Toronto, ON
Canada; Matti Vuolanne, Helsinki, Finland.

Selected Public Collections

The State  Russian Museum, St-Petersburg, Russia

Military Medical Museum of Ministry of Defense of Russia, St-Petersburg, Russia

Art Museum of Yverdon, Switzerland

Emil Cedercreutz Museum, Finland

Russian Trading House in Paris, France

Society of Millers of Nantes, Nantes, France

Mayor's Office, Pushkin, Russia

Medical Research Institute, St-Petersburg, Russia

Vladimir Ribatchok

Selected Group Exibitions

2015 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Charleston S. Carolina

2014 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Charleston S. Carolina

2013 America,s 22nd Annual National Juried Exibition at InSight Gallery, Fredericksburg Texas

2012-2013 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Charleston SC

2012 Eastern Regional Exibition (OPA) Bennington VT, Centre for Arts

2011 1st Annual Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art.The Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ

2010 Eastern Regional Exhibition (OPA) Walls Fine Art Gallery, Wilmington, NC

2010 19-th Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oil, Legacy Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ.

2010 C.M. Russell Art Auction, Great Falls Montana

2010 Masters in Miniature, a benefit for C.M. Russell Museum

2009 Coeur d' Alene Gallery,  Masters in Miniature

2009 C.M. Russell Art Auction, Great Falls Montana

2008 Western Art Show, Calgary Stampede, Alberta

2008 Artists Project Toronto, Canada

2007 Central Regional Juried Exhibition of OPA, South Wind Gallery, Topeka Kansas


2016 ARABELLA Canadian Art, Architecture & Design / Fall

2015 ARABELLA Canadian Art, Architecture & Design / Summer

2010 Best of Worldwide oil Artists (Volume 1)

2009 Guidebook of Art, Art of the West

2008 March / April Art of the West

2004 100 ways to paint seascapes, rivers & lakes (Volume 1). International artists 2004

2007 Art of the West

2001 American Art Review

Vladimir Ribatchok

2007 16-th Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oil, Fredericksburg, Texas

2007 Western Art Auction, Calgary Stampede, Alberta

2007 - 2006  Western Art Show, Calgary Stampede, Alberta

2007 Toronto Art Expo, Toronto Convention Centre, Ontario

2002 - 2011 Buckhorn Art Festival, Ontario

2007 - 1992 Group Exhibitions Helsinki, Finland

2005 Autumn Exhibition  Kleinberg, Ontario

2004 - 2002 Peterson Fine Art, Toronto, Ontario

2001 Agora Gallery, SOHO, New York

Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto, Canada

"Russian Realism in Finland", Helsinki, Finland

"Modern Art of St-Petersburg", Boras, Sweden

Vladimir Art's Gallery, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Festival of Art, Lausanna, Switzerland

Artists of Leningrad, Melburn, Australia

Central Exhibition Hall, Leningrad, Russia

Central Exhibition Hall of Art Academy of the USSR, Moscow, Russia

Annual Spring Exhibitions, Leningrad, Russia