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Your First Oil Painting Class: What to Expect


Mastering oil painting is no easy endeavor – even for the average artist. While natural-born talent is an asset in developing the skills necessary to master the art of oil painting, taking your passion for the art style to the next level might mean enrolling in oil painting classes. Enrolling in painting classes can aid in the development of your painting knowledge – whether you’re looking to cultivate a new set of skills, or broaden the ones you already have.


In today’s blog we’ll discuss what to expect in your first oil painting class.

Take Hardship in Stride


For some, learning the various techniques involved in oil painting will come easier than for others. Not comparing yourself to others is important – remember, you enrolled in oil painting classes to better your skillset, not to focus your energy on the work of others. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Understand that what you might find difficult at first, will after some practice and time will be better than where you were when you first started.

Enjoy the Process


Studies suggest that the combination of colour, motions, and technique involved in painting can be soothing for people. You’ve dedicated time and space in your busy life to learning a new thing, so let art classes be something you look forward to during your work week. Don’t get bogged down by thinking of external stresses. Focus instead on enjoying the process of applying paint to your canvas.

Do Your Best


Even if oil painting doesn’t come naturally to, just try to do your best with what you are given. Opt for oil painting classes led by instructors who want to see you succeed and develop your skills. Do your best through the entire process, from learning to application – know that you’re investing in developing your skills, so you might as well do what you can to the best of your ability.

I was getting a bit anxious about my first oil painting class, but this has helped rest my worries!
Posted by: Hilman | December 23, 2019, 9:15 am
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