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Why Artists Should Learn To Draw A Human Skull

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Drawing a captivating portrait is an essential step in any artist's journey. Although oil painting, sketches, and caricatures are all critical aspects of art courses in Toronto, you cannot finish your art course without mastering portrait skills. The skill to draw on canvas facial features without any exaggerations can benefit you greatly in your art career.

Why You Should Learn To Draw A Human Skull

The nuances of a human skull are astounding. The shape and size of the skull largely determine a person's appearance. Since a portrait has everything to do with a person's appearance, the first step towards bettering your portrait skill is to master drawing a human skull.

While drawing a portrait, you have to show a person's facial features and expressions flawlessly on canvas. Great portrait artists can effectively portray on canvas even a person's mood. All this cannot be possible if you do not know the basics.

The basics of portrait drawing lie in drawing the human skull. Once you master this, bringing a portrait to life becomes relatively easier. The cheekbones, forehead, and jawline determine a person's facial structure. 

Once you get the proportions of the human skull correct, it will be easier for you to get the size and shape of the nose, ears, and lips right. All these combined ensure your portrait skill is polished and professional.

While learning to draw a human skull, you will use and polish your analytic and observational skills. When you draw a portrait, your observation for detail is going to be tested. 

Taking an art course will help you master drawing a human skull. If you are looking for the best art school in Toronto, look no further than VR School of Art. We offer art classes for kids and adults in a creative environment. Contact us today to learn about all our art programs.

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