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What Is Cross Contour Drawing And Why Is It Important For Kids?

What Is Cross Contour Drawing And Why Is It Important For Kids?

Developing artistic talent in children at a young age is very important. Enrolling them in drawing classes for kids is a great way to achieve that. But what exactly is taught in these drawing classes? A skilled teacher begins with the basics of drawing such as line drawings, cross contour drawings, mastering colors, and so on. In this blog, VR School of Art, one of the best drawing and art classes for kids in North York, explores the concept of cross-contour drawing and its importance for budding minds.

What Is A Cross-Contour Drawing?

To understand cross-contour drawing, it is first important to understand what contour is. It is basically a line that defines a shape or an edge, that is, it is a rudimentary outline drawing without any shading. 


In this context, cross-contour drawing requires drawing across the contours. This can be straight, curved, or spherical lines, resulting in creating a well-defined, three-dimensional look to any basic drawing.

Importance Of Cross-Contour Drawing

- It helps capture all the different details of a drawing that are otherwise overlooked
- It develops strong hand-eye coordination in kids, which is key if they wish to pursue anything meaningful in this domain in the future. 
- Helps in developing the right side of the brain, which further boosts artistic skills and observing power in children.
- Helps counteract the functioning of the left side of the brain which is more analytical and hinders creative visualization, a very important trait in art.


Therefore to learn important drawing skills such as composition, form and color harmony, paint mixing, and more, reach out to us at VR School of Art today. One of the best art classes for kids in North York, we specialize in shaping young minds to create new and promising artists in the future. So if you are looking for drawing classes for kids in this area, contact us at 647-894-7706 today and give your child’s artistic journey a headstart.

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