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Useful Tips For Still Life Drawing

Useful Tips For Still Life Drawing

Have you been considering enrolling for still life drawing classes? It’s certainly a great field to explore and can help evolve your painting skills. Still-life painting which involves art that focuses on commonplace objects, be it natural or man-made, can help you master observation in detail. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when learning still-life painting.

Tips to follow in still life drawing classes

Focus on what interests you

First of all, pick objects that interest you and call out to you on a personal level. While you could draw some inspiration from historical and legendary artists who focused on still life drawing, we recommend choosing something that has a personal significance and meaning.

Explore the object of your art

Always remember that the beauty of an object lies in the eyes of the beholder, which in this case is the artist. This means you have all the liberty to look at the object closely while considering its textures, shapes, and qualities to know what you can do to make the object more interesting while depicting it in your artwork.

Determine your angle and experiment with shadows

Once you have finalized your art subject, you can focus on the angle that you wish to paint from. You could try viewing the object from varying angles until you find the best one. Once you’ve determined the angle, you can experiment with the lights and shadows as they play an important role in dramatic impact and vitality.

Scrutinize your work

Like any other drawing classes, still-life painting courses too will instruct you to follow the above steps to achieve your end goal. Once you are done with your drawing and painting, you can scrutinize it closely to check if you got the proximity, proportion, and overlapping between all the objects correctly. Pay attention to how lighting impacts the object and if you’ve managed to capture the shadows in your painting.

We hope these tips help you with your still-life painting classes. VR School of Art offers numerous art courses that you can explore. Contact us today to learn more about our classes and our enrolment schedule.

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