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Understanding Colour Theory in Art School

Understanding Colour Theory in Art School

Colour theory is the study of how colours interact and affect each other. It's a crucial aspect of art, design, and visual communication. Without an understanding of colour theory, your artwork may lack coherence or fail to convey the intended message. By studying colour theory, you can learn about different types of colour schemes that create harmony or tension in your work. For example, complementary colours (those opposite on the colour wheel) create dynamic contrast when used together. Analogous colours (adjacent to the wheel) harmonize and create a soothing effect. Explore more in this blog about learning about colour theory in an art school in Toronto.


Art School and Exploring Colour Theory

Basic principles of colour:

The most important principle to understand is the colour wheel – a circular chart that illustrates primary, secondary, and tertiary colours. Primary colours cannot be created by mixing other colours together; they are red, blue, and yellow. Secondary colours (green, orange, purple) result when two primary colours mix together equally. Tertiary colours are made by blending one primary colour with one secondary colour.

How does an art school help understand colour theory?

Art schools in Toronto are the perfect place to learn about colour theory. They provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques involved in creating visually appealing artwork. Instructors teach students how to mix and match colours using various mediums like paint, pencils, pastels or digital software.


Students will also get practical experience through classroom exercises, assignments, critiques and workshops where they can experiment with different hues, tints and shades. By studying colour theory at an art school, individuals gain a deep appreciation for the nuances of colour that affect human perception including brightness, saturation and temperature.


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