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Techniques to Remember when Painting with Oils


Painting with oils can be quite challenging, though it remains highly popular due to its rich colours and superior blending. As you progress through your oil painting classes, you will learn different techniques on how to work with oils properly, beginning with some fundamentals before advancing to more specialized techniques.


At VR School of Art, we make sure that our oil painting classes give you the tools and skills you need to excel.


When working with oils, here are just some of the techniques you should master and keep in mind:

oil painting classes

Hold your brush properly

When people first start learning to paint, they tend to hold the brush whatever way they want. However, as you progress, you’ll gain more confidence with brush handling and quickly realize that there is a more effective way to hold a brush to maximize control. Holding the brush closer to its end will enable you to create bigger, more fluid strokes and have a lighter touch.

oil painting classes

Mix colours carefully

Depending on the vibrancy or texture you want to achieve, you can either mix your colours while painting on the wet canvas or mix them in your palette first. Both of these techniques have different outcomes: colours mixed on a palette are sharper and more vivid, while blending directly on the canvas can create interesting textures.

oil painting classes

Vary the pressure of your strokes

A single painting consists of countless different strokes applied at varying pressures. Not only will this create a difference in texture, it also affects how strongly a colour appears and how blended they are. To achieve more realistic effects and subtlety in your painting, make sure you master varying your stroke pressure.

People do not say oil painting is difficult for no reason – most people need to diligently attend oil painting classes in order to grasp the art form properly. At VR School of Art, you can be assured that we will equip you with the skills you need to create your own masterpiece.

I've learnt so much from my oil painting classes!
Posted by: Susan | January 22, 2020, 2:47 pm
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