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Selecting The Best Art Classes For Your Child

art classes for kids

Art classes can be fun and educational. For young children, it is an amazing way of helping their perception of the world around them. There are many studios around Toronto and the GTA, but in order to find the best art classes for kids, parents must keep a few things in mind.

Here Are Some Considerations for Parents to Follow

Type of Art

Consider the methods that your children enjoy applying to their art. Do they enjoy gradually cross-hatching on paper to develop the shadow of an object or do they enjoy the use of colour and the way it flows with the water on paper? Different art styles will require different skills that each artist may specialize in. Look for studios that have artists that can teach your children the style that they prefer.



Although art classes for kids of a younger age will often include different styles of art encouraging kids to explore and discover their preferred methods, it is still important to consider the medium as well as the investment in equipment. Paint, whether acrylic, oil, or watercolour, may become relatively costly over time. High-quality paints, pencils, and markers, although highly affordable to most, require a certain level of investment while low-quality equipment may be limited to certain colours, materials, and durability, all of which can affect the final piece and the efficiency of the artist.


The Studio Space

Another significant thing to consider is the studio space itself. Take some time to have a peek and check the working space. Whether it’s art classes for kids or for adults, a bright and spacious studio feels more comfortable allowing for better creative potential.


Nothing feels better than seeing your kid have fun with art. Art is an amazing outlet for creative expression and education for your children. It develops a personality, helps kids express their feelings, and allow them to see the world differently from everyone else. VR School of Art can help your children grow into their creativity. Contact us today!

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