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Reaping the Rewards an Art Class Can Provide


The subject of art as a dedication in life is still often snubbed, and relegated to over-indulgence in a “hobby”. Puzzled looks still arise when discussing the possibility of attending an art class for more serious endeavours, rather than as just a fun night out.


Pulling from our repertoire of knowledge in the artistic field, we’re here to break down these barriers and provide clear cut reasons as to why exactly you should be attending art classes in Toronto, and why those that have attended can attest to the significant and translatable skills they’ve been rewarded through attendance – hopefully, giving you the confidence you need to take the dive yourself.

art classes Toronto

Mentorship with Meaning

We’ve all been in a position where a friend, colleague, or relative has lauded or even criticised our artwork. While this can feel fulfilling, you are always left uncertain and unable to pinpoint exactly what it was about your artwork they liked or didn’t like – making it harder to transition their feedback into your next project.


Experienced mentors, on the other hand, have been trained to give objective and constructive feedback for any noticeable strengths or weaknesses your artwork may exhibit – allowing you a foundation to build on at art classes in Toronto, and at home for your own practice. Having this expertise available to you at a moment’s notice is invaluable; it has been shown time and time again that artists-in-training expedite their learning and produce their magnum opus when concepts intersect with execution.

art classes Toronto

An Exchange of Knowledge    

We all know the value that mentorship can provide when attending art classes in Toronto. There is, however, another added benefit that tends to go more unnoticed – making acquaintances. As fellow learning artists, the pupils you meet and form connections with share your incredible passion for the medium. This mutual appreciation can lead to exchanges in artwork with one another, giving you the bedrock to propel some of your most inspiring ideas from, and getting inspiration when you least expect it.


Similarly, learning, and dedication to push through an activity has been shown to dramatically increase when you have a network of similarly minded pupils to keep you moving forwards, and to not rest on your laurels; keeping your learning fun, and more importantly productive.

art classes Toronto

The Right Tools for the Job

As a student of the arts, knowing, and procuring the right pieces of equipment can be an intimidating hurdle especially when starting out, and may have the potential to put you off entirely.


By attending art classes in Toronto, the legwork of this is taken care of for you, allowing you to reap the practical benefits in a quicker, more cost-effective fashion. Art supplies can be a costly endeavour, and not having the expertise in selecting the correct tools can lead you down the road of bad habits in your craft. Art classes build an environment that allows you to form a stronger and more direct connection between you and the canvas – allowing your most expressive ideas to unfold.

Book Your Spot in a Class Today

Our mentors, Vladimir, and Tatiana, are fortunate to be able to provide mentorship to students enrolling in courses at the VR School of Art that is backed-up by their extensive experiences in the field; from having works exhibited internationally, and being prominent members of respected artistic organisations such as Oil Painters of America – we’re sure you’ll get the most out of your and artist flair from our art classes in Toronto!

Art classes really are invaluable!
Posted by: Kitase | October 21, 2019, 10:06 am
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