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Prepping For Your Oil Painting Class: Here’s What You Need


So you've just signed up for oil painting classes and it's going to start soon. Just like any kind of first day, it’s natural to be a bit nervous; however, there’s no reason to be worried -- in fact, you should be excited!


For those of you whose anxiety needs more convincing, here are four essential factors you need to keep in mind before you head to class.


The Right Equipment

Oil paint may well be the first thing you’ll need to source for class, but you needn’t take too big of a leap just yet - it's important you communicate with your teacher about whether you need to buy a complete collection of oil paint colours.


In most cases, oil painting classes require you to bring a specific set of colours to work with on the day. Due to the high degree of variance amongst lessons, your art teacher’s course syllabus should keep you informed with a list of items needed for your first day.


A Relaxed and Opened Mindset

Oil painting classes hone in on your creative mindset - this doesn’t mean you have to pressure yourself to be inspired all the time. Some students read up on legendary techniques to make an impression; however, the focus of these classes is for you to discover your own artistic tendencies and impart your own sensibilities into your work.


Your Listening Ears

While the pace is relaxed in most oil painting classes, it's important to keep an open ear for all your teacher’s instructions, descriptive cues, ideation, and other things he/she might express that can help take your artwork to the next level. This help cannot be understated when you're stuck in adding something more unique or exciting to your art.


Taking Critiques The Best Way Possible

Art is subjective, but skill building requires feedback. In an artistic and productive community common in most painting classes, you'll receive constructive feedback that will help you improve your skills. If you take it the best way and work with the suggestions and comments, you can grow your artistic talents at accelerated rates.


Oil Painting Is One Of The Finest Skills You Can Learn

Oil painting is a relaxed yet rewarding activity. In addition, anyone has the potential to grow their artistic side with the right instruction and guidelines. If you're looking for a great school to study in, look through VR School of Art's curriculum and unlock your artistic potential!

Love the oil painting classes here!
Posted by: Kelly | January 7, 2020, 10:33 am
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