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Oil Painting Lessons: Exploring Different Techniques

Oil Painting Lessons: Exploring Different Techniques

The world of oil painting is vast and varied, with endless possibilities for creating stunning works of art. From the type of paint you use to the techniques you employ, there are countless ways to create a masterpiece on canvas. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your skills, exploring different techniques while taking oil painting lessons can be both exciting and daunting. In this blog post, we'll guide you through everything from choosing the right type of paint to finding your own unique style. 

The Different Techniques You Can Learn During Oil Painting Lessons


This technique involves layering thin, transparent paint over one another to create depth and luminosity.



Impasto involves applying thick layers of paint onto the canvas. This gives the painting texture and dimensionality, as well as creates interesting shadow effects.



It is another popular oil painting technique where opaque or semi-opaque colours are applied thinly over an existing layer of paint. The purpose of scumbling is to create subtle visual effects by allowing previous layers to show through.


Alla Prima:

The alla prima technique involves completing a painting in just one sitting. Artists using this method typically work quickly and spontaneously with wet-on-wet brush strokes.


It's important for artists to explore different techniques in oil painting lessons to experiment with various methods until they find ones that suit their individual styles best. Enroll with us to master this dynamic art form. We also provide drawing classes for kids. At VR School of Art, we boast talented teachers, modern teaching methods and the right environment for artists to evolve. Speak to us today to be part of the best!


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