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Must-Have Brushes For Your Oil Painting Classes

Must-Have Brushes For Your Oil Painting Classes

Oil painting is one of the most followed passions around the world. Of all the painting techniques, none can add as much life to the canvas as oil painting does. The depth and reality provided by oil painting are second to none. 

However, if you plan to paint life-like pictures then it is very important to have the right set of tools. This includes various types of brushes, paints, canvas boards, etc. In this blog, we discuss five must-have types of brushes if you are taking oil painting classes.

Must-Have Brushes For Your Oil Painting Classes

Round brush:
Round brushes come with a pointed tip and are usually used for delicate work. It also helps a painter add delicate details to the painting. They come in various sizes.

Flat brush:
Flat brushes have square ends. They are suitable for covering large areas and help to stay accurate while detailing. They are typically made of synthetic hair.

Bright brush:
A bright brush is a shorter version of a flat brush. Oil paints are thick and they require strong bristles to spread oil and paint over the fabric of the canvas. The bright brush has short bristles which bend less. This helps in moving oil paints against the grip of canvas and filling large areas.

Fan brush:
Just as the name, a fan brush resembles a hand-held fan. It has wide bristles and is commonly used in painting minute details like grass, hair, and fur. A fan brush can help you cover large areas with paint. 

Large flat:
Large flat brushes are ideal for painting uniform colours on a large area, like sky and grass. Depending upon the type of hair used to create the bristles, they come in different sizes and different types.

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