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How to Prepare a Successful Art Portfolio

How to Prepare a Successful Art Portfolio

Competition for entry into an art college or university is only getting tougher, and applicants need to put increasingly more effort into their portfolios to stand out from the crowd. Where can an art school hopeful turn to for help with putting together a successful portfolio? Instructors, who are typically seasoned artists, at a Toronto art school can provide insight into the application process, and help you put together a portfolio that catches the eyes of an admissions committee. Here are a few tips to help you get started on your portfolio.


Start With a Bang

The first piece in your portfolio needs to capture an admissions committee member’s attention and will them to keep looking through the rest of your materials. If your first piece isn’t strong, the committee member is not likely to look through the rest of your portfolio. Remember, every piece in your portfolio should be high quality, and your first piece should be an indication of the skill demonstrated in your other work. An instructor at a Toronto art school can help you choose the best piece to start your portfolio with.

How to Prepare a Successful Art Portfolio

Pay Attention to Requirements

This is the most important tip to follow, as many would-be art students are not considered for admission simply because they failed to follow instructions. An inability to adhere to application criteria, such as the required size and format of materials, demonstrates to the admissions committee that you are not someone who pays attention to details. This skill is necessary not just in the creation of art, but also in being a teachable student.


Include Work That Demonstrates Your Fit Into the Program

You’re not applying to an art college or university at large, you are applying for a program with specialized courses. Prove that you have the potential to do well in the courses you intend to take by including relevant pieces in your portfolio. This may seem like a no-brainer, but oftentimes students who wish to pursue an area of art they have no previous experience in will not have appropriate portfolio materials. Take the time to prepare some relevant materials to show your potential.

How to Prepare a Successful Art Portfolio

These three tips are meant to help you start thinking about your approach to your portfolio, but many applicants could benefit from professional assistance. We provide a Portfolio Preparation class at our Toronto art school, with 16 hours of instruction on creating and putting together materials for a diversified portfolio. Classes are offered in 4-hour sessions on Saturdays, and can be scheduled by appointment anytime between 11am to 6pm.


At VR School of Art, we have been fostering artistic talent in students of all ages for more than 20 years. We aim to help our students develop their own unique style while providing them with a solid foundation in techniques. Under the guidance of internationally renowned artists at our Toronto art school, you’ll put together a portfolio that meets the criteria of the art program you are applying to, and exceeds the admissions committee’s expectations. Contact us today to get expert assistance with your art portfolio!

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