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How to Find the Right Art Classes for Your Kids


You may have been thinking about finding art classes for your kids, especially since they are known to be incredibly beneficial for child development and socialization. But how do you know which classes or which studio works best for your kid?


In today’s blog, we talk about the factors that make an art studio suitable for young children, and how these little things can make a great difference.

art classes for kids

1. Look for the Best Studios, Not the Best Classes

The first tip to keep in mind is that in general, art classes for kids are quite similar to one another. All of them will tackle the same basics and slowly progress your child through different techniques. It is the studio itself that makes a big difference. When talking about the studio, the most important aspects are comfort, location, and personnel. Make sure your children only learn from the best, and that the art teacher is fully dedicated to their job.

A lower student-to-teacher ratio will also be preferable, as art does not really thrive when taught in more crowded, standardized settings. One-on-one attention is crucial when helping a child develop their techniques and style. On top of that, there is the space itself, which should be bright and spacious, giving off a vibe of kid-friendliness so that your children do not feel intimated.

art classes for kids

2. Know Your Child’s Ability

Many art classes for kids are categorized according to age range. For most kids, this is a perfectly adequate system. However, some kids may be more advanced than others, and as such age range is not necessarily the only determining factor. If your child would benefit from a higher level of challenge, then you may want to consider enrolling them in classes for a higher age range.

At VR School of Art, we value the importance of evaluating each child by their unique abilities and giving them the time and attention they need to grow. Professional artists Vladimir and Tatiana Ribatchok have been producing artwork and talents for decades, so you can rest easy that your child is in good hands.

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