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How Art Contributes to Child Development


Art has always been an important marker of human culture and history. Indeed, it brings countless benefits to humans, who have long seen it as a medium of self-expression and skill crafting. As such, art should not only be reserved for adults – art classes for kids should be just as encouraged.


Recent trends seem to indicate that schools are focussing more on subjects such as Math and Reading, leaving little space for kids to explore their artistic sides. This is where extracurricular art classes for kids enter the picture, supplementing your child’s education with important time for artistic development.


Art can help power a lot of developmental improvements in children, giving artistically-inclined children an advantage when it comes to cognitive and motor development.

art classes for kids

1. Motor Skills and Confidence in Oneself

Art may not be seen as a very physical activity, but that is because we adults take its motor benefits for granted. Children can develop essential motor skills through actions such as holding a paintbrush, moving the brush along the canvas, and manipulating hand and body movement in general in order to produce desired outcomes. The physical dexterity gained through the learned discipline of wielding a paintbrush is invaluable.

art classes for kids

2. Visual Learning and Imagination

Comprehending the limits and potential of physical objects is an essential skill for young children to develop. By making art, they solidify their relationship with the physical world and come into their own regarding their capabilities. By interacting with pictures, graphics, photos, and paintings, children expand their scope of visual understanding, boosting their imagination and helping them realize the importance of observing the world around them.


art classes for kids

3. Problem-Solving Abilities

Children can get their first taste of problem-solving in a carefree, safe, and no-pressure environment when they make art. In order to complete a work of art, decisions and choices need to be made, and in this process children hone their flexibility in thinking. As they age, new materials, colours, and ideas can be introduced into their art-making process to further develop their problem-solving skills.


As you can see, art classes for kids bring many benefits. Of course, one of the most obvious benefits not mentioned above is that it is simply good fun, and children can yield a lot of enjoyment from just being in an artistic environment and headspace.


VR School of Art is led by Vladimir and Tatiana Ribatchok, internationally renowned artists whose works can be seen all over the internet. To learn more about our art classes for kids, check out our website!

Went for classes as a kid and enjoyed it!
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