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Finding the Right Art Course Based on Your Skill Level in Toronto


It’s important that in order to save your own time, money, and effort when deciding on art courses in Toronto, that you pick them dependent upon level of proficiency.



We’ll be guiding you over the fundamentals of what to look for when picking creative art courses in Toronto so that you can expedite the development of your inner artistic flair.


To get started, let’s go over some of the more popular courses that cover a broad range of skill levels:

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Landscape Painting – Beginner to Advanced

If you’ve always been affected by your environment and look for the beauty in the details around you, then landscape painting could be right up your alley.


Landscape painting is a very structured process, so it’s crucial to know how to frame them in the right context. To guide you towards success, this programme covers the cornerstones of landscape composition, structural elements, and Plein Air perspectives (painting outdoors). Additionally, historically rooted, yet invaluable techniques and movements such as alla prima (wet-on-wet), Barbizon, and impressionist paintings will be covered to ensure you are exposed to different niches – providing you the opportunity to find the style that best suits you.

art courses in toronto

Impressionist Painting – Intermediary

Designed for pupils of painting that have amassed some level of adequacy from their palette, but are still in the mindset of wanting to expand their repertoire of skillsets and, more importantly, knowledge.


Teachers in this course provide students the impetus and methods needed to paint complete works consisting of impressionistic landscapes, still life, portrait painting, as well as the impressionist slant on Plein Air perspetives. Also, depending on what you are most comfortable with, oil or acrylic paints are viable options here and can be chosen based upon your needs.

art courses in toronto

Portfolio Preparation - Advanced

Students wanting to take their art skills to a more recognized level of achievement have the opportunities to hone in on this through developing their portfolio. Be it for an art programme at University or for vocational means – it is important that artists tailor their portfolio around the specific criteria at these establishments in order to ensure higher rates of success.


As such, teachers conducting these art courses in Toronto should have the necessary backlog of achievements and experience so that your best artwork is chosen for your portfolio –setting you up for the largest opportunity of success.

How Do I Get Started?

Here at VR School of Art, we provide all these courses, and more, to aspiring artists. From children’s courses to preparing your portfolio for the next step in your career – we have the course to suit you.


With mentors having individual experiences spanning more than four decades, there is no student too out-of-practice to learn! Feel free to get in touch as our mentors will be ecstatic in helping you apply for the most suitable art courses in Toronto, designed around meeting your true potential in the field. Register your spot, today!

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