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Develop Your Child’s Creativity with Art Classes

art classes for kids

For most kids drawing lines and scribbles on a piece of paper with crayon or finger-paints are typically their first versions of artistic craftsmanship. But if you find your child has taken a special interest in drawing or painting, then it might be time to consider developing their creativity by bringing them to art classes for kids.


There are a number of benefits other than simply developing your child’s creative skills when it comes to enrolling your child in art classes for kids – today we’ll discuss three of them.

art classes for kids

A Creative Outlet

The number one benefit of bringing your child to an art class is that they are free to express themselves through a creative outlet. For some children, making art allows them to process different experiences and emotions. It can also serve as a way to kick-start their innovation, acting as a way to bring different parts of their imagination to life.

art classes for kids

Develop Skills and Improve Academic Performance

33% of people are visual learners – so cultivating your child’s artistic skills from a young age can aid in developing their skills academically as well. Children learn through exploring and experimenting with different art media during art classes, allowing kids to garner an understanding of different artistic concepts and techniques. Studies also suggest that art education have had positive effects on other academic disciplines – ultimately improving overall academic performance.

art classes for kids

Build Self-Esteem

The ability for children to express themselves freely allows them to build self-esteem. Art as a tool of communication for children also allows them to feel more comfortable with expressing their emotions and feelings, which aids in developing their communication skills. Having some autonomy when it comes to communicating via creative expression allows them to feel confident in their artistic skills and abilities.

Looking to Enroll Your Child in Art Classes for Kids?

The VR School of Art offers drawing and painting classes for kids ages 6-9 years, who are looking to expand their artistic skills and abilities. We cover the basics needed to set your children up for success – from terminology to technique, you can rely on us to effectively build your child’s artistic talent. Call us today to learn more about our art program for kids!

I didn't know so many people were visual learners! It's great to see art classes for kids cater to these types of learners.
Posted by: Delilah | December 9, 2019, 11:54 am
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