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Develop Your Artistic Talent with the VR School of Art



Regardless if you’re a seasoned painter, or whether you’re trying to get back into painting as a hobby that you were once passionate about – it’s never too late to develop your artistic talent through enrolling in painting classes in Toronto. There are many benefits to painting – for some, it can be an outlet for emotional release or creative expression, for others – it’s a way to develop a connection between your canvas and what it is your painting.

Whatever your reason for painting, opting for painting classes with the VR School of Art can help you cultivate the necessary skills for you to truly prefect your craft.

Today we’ll talk about three of the painting classes in Toronto that the VR School of Art currently offers:

Landscape Painting


This class is meant for both beginners and advanced students hoping to develop their artistic skills in landscape painting. Landscape painting (also referred to as landscape art), centralizes on the painting of natural scenery. Landscape paintings can portray a wide variety of natural scenes and can focus on a range of perspectives. Our program covers the basics – from landscape composition, plein air perspective, to the deconstruction of elements in the composition of a horizon. Students will become acquainted with Barbizon principles in addition to impressionist styles and techniques.

Impressionist Painting


Our impressionist painting program is meant for students who have a basic understanding of various painting techniques. Impressionism espoused in France during the 1860s – now considered to be one of the first distinct modern movements within the sphere of painting. The style is characterized by small thin brush strokes, open composition, accentuating on the accurate portrayal of light, and the involvement of movement. Students will deepen their knowledge of plein air perspective, and cultivate their understanding of how objects react with their environment.

Life Model Painting


The VR School of Art’s Life Model Painting classes are meant for students looking to develop their professional life model painting and drawing skillset. Students will be guided in a step-by-step process of how to compose their own life model artworks in accordance with structural, componential, and proportional expectations. Covering everything from surface anatomy, painting of the human skeleton, sculpting, and the basics of colour and tone – we provide a fully immersive learning experience for students to accumulate the experience necessary to become expert life model painters.

The VR School of Art


If you’re interested in rekindling your love for painting, or are looking to cultivate your current skillset in a painting style you’re not well versed in – opting for painting classes in Toronto with the VR School of Art can help you actualize your artistic expression into tangible works of art. Check out our programs to see additional classes we offer.

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