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Brush Strokes You Can Learn In Art Classes In Toronto

Brush Strokes You Can Learn In Art Classes In Toronto

Art classes in Toronto are all about a holistic approach. They not only concentrate on niche subjects but ensure all-round development. At a reputed art class in VR School of Art, budding artist gets every assist they need. It also includes using different types of brush strokes. Explore them in detail below.


Types of brush strokes you get to learn in an art school in Toronto


1. Impasto:

Impasto is a technique in painting where the paint is applied thickly to create texture and depth. It can be achieved by using a palette knife or brush, allowing the artist to sculpt and shape the paint on the canvas. This technique adds dimension and visual interest to a painting, as light hits the raised areas differently than it would with a smooth surface.


2. Scumbling:

Scumbling is another technique taught in art classes in Toronto. It can add depth and texture to your artwork in ways you might not expect. It involves applying thin layers of translucent or opaque paint over an existing layer, allowing some of the colours underneath to show through. The result is a soft, hazy effect that adds dimension and atmosphere to your work.


3. Sgraffito:

Sgraffito is a technique that adds texture and depth to your artwork. By scratching through layers of paint or other materials, you can create intricate designs and patterns. It's like drawing with the tip of a needle!


4. Glazing:

Glazing adds depth and luminosity to your paintings. It involves applying thin layers of translucent paint over dried layers, allowing the colours to subtly interact and create rich optical effects.


5. Wet-on-wet:

Wet-on-wet is a popular painting technique that you can learn in art classes in Toronto. It involves applying wet paint onto a wet surface, allowing the colours to blend and mix together organically. This technique creates soft edges and smooth transitions between colours, resulting in a beautiful, dreamy effect.


VR School of Art is one of the most popular painting classes in Toronto. Contact us to learn painting in the best way! 

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