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Benefits Of Oil Painting Lessons


Humans have used visual art as the medium to express themselves for thousands of years. Among all the painting methods, oil painting has been one of the favourites among artists for centuries. The appeal of an oil painting on a canvas is captivating. There is something about it that can bring the art to life.


Legendary artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh have relied on oil paints to express their vivid artistic skills. If you are a budding artist, taking oil painting lessons will benefit you greatly. This blog discusses the benefits of learning oil painting for artists of all ages.


Oil painting lessons will help you grow as an artist exponentially


Following are some of the significant benefits of taking oil painting classes:


  • Retouch/Rework: One of the significant features of oil paints is that they dry relatively slow as compared to other colours. An artist can use this to their advantage. By taking oil painting lessons, you can master the skill of retouching and reworking your artwork before the colour completely dries. 
  • Mixing with mediums for better texture: By taking oil painting classes, you can learn how to integrate oil paints with mediums like turpentine, thinner, linseed oil, walnut oil, or spirits for giving your art special effect.
  • Improves focus and concentration: It is a known fact that mastering visual arts takes a lot of patience. Depending on the nature of your artwork, it could take you hours to complete it. During these extended hours, you have to dedicate your complete focus and attention towards making your oil painting beautiful and captivating. Taking oil painting classes can help you improve concentration significantly.

For the best oil painting classes in Toronto, look no further than VR School of Art. Our experienced instructors even offer fun drawing classes for kids. Contact us today to learn about our art programs for people of all ages.

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