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7 Basic Tools Your Kids Can Learn In Drawing Classes

7 Basic Tools Your Kids Can Learn In Drawing Classes

Unlocking the creative potential of children is a beautiful journey, and drawing classes serve as the perfect catalyst. From unleashing imagination to honing fine motor skills, these classes provide an opportunity for young minds to explore their artistic abilities and develop essential life skills. But what are these classes all about? What tools do they use? In this blog post, we will delve into the world of drawing classes and discover the basic tools that your kids can learn to master.

Basic Tools Used in Drawing Classes


Pencils are one of the most fundamental tools used in drawing classes. They come in various grades, ranging from soft (dark) to hard (light), allowing children to experiment with shading and creating different line weights.


Erasers play a crucial role in correcting mistakes or making adjustments in drawings. Kids can learn how to effectively erase unwanted marks without damaging the paper surface.


Paper is the canvas on which young artists bring their imaginations to life. Drawing classes teach children about different types of paper and how they impact the final result of their artwork.


Markers offer vibrant colours and bold lines, allowing kids to add depth and intensity to their drawings. They are particularly useful for creating illustrations or adding details.


Charcoal is a versatile medium that helps children explore texture, value, and contrast in their drawings. It allows for expressive mark-making techniques that can produce dramatic effects.


While painting may be taught separately from drawing classes, learning about paintbrushes early on can benefit young artists greatly. Brushes come in various shapes and sizes, each serving a specific purpose when it comes to applying paint or other mediums onto paper or canvas.


Rulers provide precision and accuracy when it comes to measuring proportions or creating straight lines in drawings. Learning how to use rulers properly helps children develop spatial awareness and improve overall composition skills.

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