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4 Art Courses For Amateur Artists To Pursue

4 Art Courses For Amateur Artists To Pursue

Art courses are one of the easiest and most effective ways to add more productivity to your life. However, choosing the right art course for your skill level is important. It is essential to assess where you currently stand in terms of experience and expertise. Understanding your strengths and areas for improvement can help you determine which course will best suit your needs.

If you're just starting as an amateur artist, beginner-level courses focusing on foundational techniques like pencil sketching or basic drawing classes could be a great place to start. These courses typically cover fundamental principles that form the basis of more advanced artistic skills. In this blog, we highlight four art courses in Toronto that you can choose as a beginner.


4 Recommended Art Courses In Toronto For Amateur Artists

Pencil Sketching:

Indulge yourself in the world of sketching with a course that focuses on mastering pencil techniques. Learn how to create depth, shading, and texture in your sketches, bringing life to your drawings.

Drawing Classes: 

Enhance your drawing skills through structured classes that cover elements like composition, perspective, and proportions. Develop a keen eye for detail and learn how to capture subjects accurately on paper. This is one of the most common starter art courses.


This is a bit advanced level that should be pursued only after a few months of training and practice. This is where you will learn how to capture human expressions and emotions effectively. Explore different portrait styles and techniques while honing your ability to depict likenesses.

Oil Painting Classes: 

Oil painting classes are one of the advanced steps for an amateur artist. You can learn to use rich colors and textures of oil painting in a course designed for beginners. Experiment with blending, layering, and brushwork as you create stunning works of art on canvas.

Art courses offer valuable insights and hands-on experience that can elevate your artistic journey. This is where VR School of Art comes into the equation. Contact us to join our art classes for a superior level of training and thorough guidance for people of all ages in art courses in Toronto.

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