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4 Advanced Techniques You Can Learn in Oil Painting Classes

4 Advanced Techniques You Can Learn in Oil Painting Classes

Oil painting is one of the oldest painting methods. It is an incredible way to create life-like paintings. If you have been practising oil painting for a while, now is the time to take your skill to the next level. At VR School of Art, we help artists polish their skills. Check out five advanced techniques you can learn in our oil painting classes.


4 Advanced Techniques You Can Learn in Oil Painting Classes


Scumbling involves using a dry and stiff brush to bring thin layers of paint to canvas. It is a great way for beginners to add more texture to their work. In the scumbling technique, the artist leaves the painting without a smooth finish, with some of the underpainting exposed.


Glazing is an advanced technique taught in oil painting classes. It is used to add a glossier finish and create a multi-faceted look. Glazing is done by applying transparent layers over an opaque base layer on the canvas. Glazing is also done over a thin layer of paint in order to add a shining effect. 

Alla Prima:

Oil painting is usually done step-by-step, wherein the artist allows the layer beneath to dry before adding another one. However, the Alla Prima technique is a contradiction to it. Referred to as the 'wet-on-wet' painting technique, the artist paints layers without letting the base layer dry fully. This is followed by artists who like to finish their paintings in a single sitting. Alla Prima was a favourite technique of famous artists Monet and Vincent Van Gogh.


Impasto is an oil painting technique used by experienced artists. It involves applying deliberate strokes of thick paint to the finished piece. Artists usually mix colours directly on the canvas using a palette knife instead of a brush, while applying the impasto technique. 

Enroll with VR School of Art to take oil painting lessons from experienced teachers. We are a renowned art school in Toronto, offering oil painting classes to students of all ages. 

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