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3 Still-Life Painting Tips Taught At Art Classes In Toronto

3 Still-Life Painting Tips Taught At Art Classes In Toronto

Still-life painting is one of the basic skills taught in art classes in Toronto. Budding artists often boost their competency by practising still-life paintings. However, even though it is one of the basic lessons taught in an art school, it is certainly not simple. There are many factors like rendering techniques, intricate details, composition and colour balance that have to be mastered. In this blog post, we bring you some basic yet important tips to master the art of still-life painting.


Important Tips to Master the Art of Still-Life Painting

Be patient with the preliminary sketch:

The preliminary step is often an overlooked one as many artists try and add details during the latter stages. However, showing a fair bit of patience during preliminary sketches is always recommended. During this stage, you can add accurate proportions and perspectives of the objects. 

Be meticulous with the colour selection:

Appropriate colour selection is the whole and soul of a still-life painting. One cannot simply use random colours and risk a mismatch. Keep your colour palettes ready and be patient with the colour mixing until you find the appropriate one.

Go a step extra with fabric details:

Most still-life paintings would have a mug, a bucket, two or three types of fruits and most commonly, a piece of cloth. While artists can easily paint or sketch all the other objects, fabrics are often tricky. An easy technique to paint fabric is to start with a small and soft-edged brush. Use darker shades of paint over folds and lighter ones on plain areas.  Art classes often help their students master this skill as it helps them during their entire journey.

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