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3 Basic Art Concepts That Kids Can Learn From Drawing Classes

3 Basic Art Concepts That Kids Can Learn From Drawing Classes

It is essential for kids to find a hobby that helps them develop artistic skills at a young age. Painting is one of the most followed hobbies by kids across the world. VR School of Arts highlights the basic concepts that are taught in drawing classes for kids


3 Basic Concepts Taught in Drawing Classes For Kids

Using basic drawing tools:

In drawing classes, kids are taught to use basic drawing tools like pencils, erasers, rulers, and charcoal. Each tool can produce a different effect, and it's important for kids to experiment with all of them to find the one that best suits their artistic vision. In addition, drawing classes can also help to improve a child's motor skills and hand-eye coordination. As children learn how to control the drawing tools, they will also be developing their fine motor skills and unique style and technique.

Mixing colours:

Colours add life to a drawing. Various types of colours such as pastel colours, watercolours, oil colours, etc. are used for the painting purpose. Colour mixing is the soul of painting as it is essential for adding details to your art. However, it is a skill that can be mastered with proper guidance and practice. Young kids are taught basic colour mixing methods in drawing classes.

Drawing basic shapes, lines & patterns:

It is essential to start with small steps in order to help a kid develop an interest and liking for the art of painting. Art teachers start by teaching the kids how to draw basic shapes and lines either freehand or by using a ruler.

These skills are essential in helping kids develop their own drawing styles and technique. By learning these basic concepts, children can begin to develop more complex drawings that are realistic and visually appealing. 

Ultimately, drawing classes for kids provide a foundation upon which children can build their own unique drawing skillset. VR School of Art is your ideal destination to learn basic and advanced painting techniques. Join today!

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