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3 Advanced Drawing Techniques Taught in Art Classes For Kids

3 Advanced Drawing Techniques Taught in Art Classes For Kids

An art class is a place where kids learn the basics of sketching. Enrolling your kids in art classes can help develop their hobbies or even lead to realizing their artistic potential. It teaches them the patience and perseverance required to become skillful artists. Reputed art school like VR school of Art helps kids strengthen their drawing basics through elementary courses. 

Once the foundation is secured, comes the advanced techniques that mark the transition of an artist from a novice to an intermediate or a professional one. In this blog, find out 3 advanced drawing techniques that are popularly taught in art classes for kids.

3 Advanced Drawing Techniques Taught in Art Classes For Kids

Shading is the process of adding graduated tones to create the illusion of depth and form. Shading helps in adding more life to the canvas. It is mostly done using an HB pencil. Charcoal is also a popular alternative. Shading is most effective in depicting the 3D version of any object. It takes years of constant practice to master the art of shading. Thus, having strong guidance during the early stage is necessary.

Hatching is a technique that uses parallel lines to create texture or shadows. By learning the hatching technique, kids will be able to create tonal or shading effects with the help of closely spaced parallel lines. The art teacher guides the kids to draw parallel lines using various patterns and strokes.

Stippling is a method of using small dots to create a textured effect. Professional artists often rely on the stippling method to add natural effect to their paintings or sketches. Unlike shading and hatching, stippling is not just limited to the use of pencils or charcoals. Stippling can also be done using colour pens. 

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